E-Textiles 2019 Presentations

Please click on the titles below to view presentations from E-Textiles 2019:

Presenter Title
Prof. Steve Beeby Welcome Presentation
Christian Dalsgaard Textile Integrated Wearables in Space and on Earth
Dr Anura Fernando Graphene Coated Senor Yarn for Composite Preforms
Caitlin McCall Eye of the Storm
Dr Kristel Fobelets Knitted Coil for Inductive Plethysmography
Jane Wood and Rebecca Bennett A Wearable FES Compression Garment
Mark Catchpole Crossing the Seam
Dr Lien Ngo Innovate UK
Malte von Krshiwoblozki E-Textiles Technologies – Merging Electronics and Textiles
Prof Henry Yi Li Smart E-Textile Wearable Technology Developments
Dr Abiodun Komolafe Modelling reliable filament conductors for e-textile applications
Prof John Wilson Photovoltaic Solar Textiles
Tommaso Busolo Fiber-Based Triboelectric Generators for Smart Textiles using Surface-Modified Electrospun Polymer Fibres
Dr Felice Torrisi Wearable and Textile Electronics and Energy Storage Devices Based on Two-Dimensional Materials