Mark Catchpole              

 Mark Catchpole

Commercial Director, Conductive Transfers



Mark is a wearable tech entrepreneur with twenty years experience of team leadership and business development with the key to enabling technologies within the electronics industry. Mark has a track record of patented innovations in speech recognition and wearables and has recent experience of partnering with Chinese contract manufacturers, brand licensing from a major sports brand, media licensing from a tier 1 record label and closing a multi million dollar sales deal.

Presentation Title:

  • Crossing the seam

Presentation Summary:

  • Today’s wearable technology such as the smartwatches developed by Apple and others continues to use the electronics in a box form factor limiting its functionality and failing to address Mark Weiser’s observation that “the most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it”. Conductive thread technologies with the potential to “disappear” such as Google’s Jacquard subsequently incorporated into a Levi’s Jacket have failed to achieve commercial traction whilst printing circuits onto TPU compromises a garment’s comfort and fit. Other challenges include the integration of electronics assembly processes into the textiles industry, washability, price and seam crossing.

This talk will discuss Conductive Transfers’ novel approach to meeting these challenges illustrated with some insights from manufacturing and supplying circuits to our lead customer Atlantic Therapeutics’ for their Innovo product used to treat urinary incontinence.