Christian Dalsgaard             

 Christian Dalsgaard

Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Ohmatex


Christian Dalsgaard has a considerable expertise in the field of commercializing smart textile development. His knowledge of the field spans over a decade from the very early stages of smart textile R&D into the latest development for space applications. He has degrees in electrical engineering, physics and computer science from the Danish Engineering Academy and the University of Aarhus in Denmark.

Presentation Title:

  • Textile integrated wearables in space and on earth

Presentation Summary:

  • This talk will explore processes and techniques for the creation of textile integrated wearables for astronauts on the international space station ISS. Since 2010 Ohmatex has worked for the European Space Agency ESA to develop training tights for monitoring muscle activity and fluid shift in zero gravity. The focus will be on micro-electronic and sensor integration into textiles and how space development can be utilized in commercial spin-off applications for athletes and in a new generation of medical devices.