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The first of the E-Textiles Network workshops was held on the 14th February at Manchester Metropolitan University. The workshop began with an overview of what is healthy ageing and an insight into how electronics and sensors can assist healthy ageing. This led to a facilitated discussion on how technology in general can address the challenges associated with healthy ageing. The second part of the day focused on e-textiles and began with three talks exemplifying e-textile solutions and the technologies involved. The second discussion session then explored the potential use of e-textiles in a range of healthy ageing applications, exploring the motivations and drivers, practical constraints and research and manufacturing challenges that exist. It was a fascinating workshop with a great set of talks (available below) and a very active group of attendees who delivered some valuable insight into the application of e-textiles in healthy ageing.

Findings from the workshop can be found below:

E-Textiles for Healthy Ageing Report

A review of E-Textiles for Healthy Ageing has also been published in the Journal Sensors (Volume 19, Issue 20)

Presentations from the workshop can be viewed here:

A full agenda of the workshop can be viewed here.