E-Textiles Network Database of Skills and Expertise

The aim of the E-Textiles Network is to help bring the community together and facilitate collaborations between members. We felt that one way of achieving this was by developing a database of Network members’ skills and expertise. This database would then be searchable by E-Textiles Network members to help identify potential collaborators for specific projects e.g. project requiring large area printing expertise/facilities.

Participation in the database is completed voluntarily but could be a good way of advertising your skills and facilitates which could lead to fruitful collaborations, research income and/or product development.

Initially we are looking to capture the information using the below Google Form and will then collate and present it in a searchable format.  Please complete the form by Friday 11th September as we aim to compile the first directory by end of September.


If you have any questions please contact us at: info@e-textiles-network.com