Connecting E-Textiles: Textile-Integrated Antennas

This 60 minute webinar will be hosted by Mahmoud Wagih Mohamed from the University of Southampton on Monday July 13th at 1.30pm (BST)

Wireless connectivity is essential for E-Textiles to become part of the growing internet of things networks. While wireless modules with integrated antennas are commercially-available, bespoke antenna design for E-Textiles not only improves the textile integration but can enhance the connectivity range by over an order of magnitude. This talk introduces the non-textile, fully-textile, and hybrid antenna designs reported for wearables and E-textile applications. Materials such as conductive fabrics and threads, conductive inks, and flexible circuit filaments will be discussed and evaluated. Finally, a tutorial will be presented on implementing a low-cost 2.4 GHz (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi) antenna for wearable applications. The antenna can be realized using off-the-shelf materials, scissors, a soldering iron and design formulas.

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Mahmoud Wagih Mohamed received his EEE BEng (First Class Hons.) from the University of Southampton (2018), and is pursuing his PhD in the smart electronics materials and systems group, University of Southampton. His research interests include RF energy harvestingRF and power management IC design, ultra-low power sensor networks, in addition to RF wearable electronics.

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