Connecting E-Textiles: Textile-Integrated Antennas

This 60 minute webinar was hosted by Mahmoud Wagih Mohamed from the University of Southampton on Monday 13th July 2020.

Wireless connectivity is essential for E-Textiles to become part of the growing internet of things networks. While wireless modules with integrated antennas are commercially-available, bespoke antenna design for E-Textiles not only improves the textile integration but can enhance the connectivity range by over an order of magnitude. This talk introduced the non-textile, fully-textile, and hybrid antenna designs reported for wearables and E-textile applications. Materials such as conductive fabrics and threads, conductive inks, and flexible circuit filaments were discussed and evaluated. Finally, a tutorial was presented on implementing a low-cost 2.4 GHz (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi) antenna for wearable applications. The antenna can be realized using off-the-shelf materials, scissors, a soldering iron and design formulas.

Presentation – Connecting E-Textiles: Textile-Integrated Antennas