E-Textiles Network Webinar – Fibre-based Electronics for Sustainable E-textiles

Presented by Dr Felice Torrisi, Imperial College London.

Wearable electronics show a great potential as a key enabling technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Body Area Network with strong impact in the strategic areas of Healthcare and Wellbeing. Truly wearable devices need to match the typical mechanical deformations of the skin, show breathability, comfort to wear and be compatible with washing. However, rigid electronics still dominates wearable electronics, making it unsuitable for general wear and healthcare applications. What if we could develop breathable, washable and biocompatible electronics suitable to wear? What if we could have truly wearable electronic textiles? Here I will discuss the development of a new class of washable, breathable and skin-compatible electronic components based on natural fibres such as cotton and cellulose, enabling truly wearable electronic textiles. I will show how engineering the properties of nanomaterials, 2D materials, organic electronics, enables a platform of electronic and optoelectronic natural fibres. Waving of these electronic fibres results in wearable and washable electronic fabrics for future textile-based wearable displays, sensors or smart patches with potential applications in healthcare, wellbeing, IoT, lighting and sensing.

Recording of Fibre-based Electronics for Sustainable E-textiles webinar: