Production Engineering Research for the Manufacture of Novel Electronically Functional Yarns for Multifunctional Smart Textiles

The ‘Production engineering research for the manufacture of novel electronically functional yarns for multifunctional smart textiles project’ is an EPSRC funded project being conducted at Nottingham Trent University. The project is dedicated to establishing the knowledge base essential to manufacture electronic yarns on a large-scale for commercial exploitation.


WEARPLEX is a multidisciplinary research and innovation action with the overall aim to integrate printed electronics with flexible and wearable textile-based biomedical multi-pad electrodes.

The FETT project (Novel manufacturing methods for Functional Electronic TexTiles)

A collaboration between the University of Southampton, Nottingham Trent University and 10 commercial partners. It is concerned with the research and development of new assembly methods that add electronic functionality to textiles.


The project brings together a multidisciplinary team with expertise in functional materials, direct printing fabrication, control algorithms, wireless electronics, sensors, and end user engagement to address stroke rehabilitation.

Granted Patents

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