E-Textiles Network Webinar – WEARPLEX

Presented by Dr Russel Torah, University of Southampton

WEARPLEX is a 3 year EU funded project coordinated by the University of Southampton with 10 partners across Europe. It is a multidisciplinary research and innovation action with the overall aim to integrate printed electronics with flexible and wearable textile-based biomedical multi-pad electrodes.  It will create user friendly electrodes for pervasive measurement of electrophysiological signals and the application of electrical stimulation. It focuses on the development of the printable electronics and manufacturing processes for textile based multi-pad electrodes with integrated printed logic circuits that enable a significant increase in the number of electrode pads (channels).

The advanced printed electronics integrated in WEARPLEX electrodes will allow the individual pads to be connected in arbitrary configurations to the output leads of the electrode. Therefore, the pads will be flexibly organized into several virtual electrodes of arbitrary position, shape and size that can be connected to any standard multi-channel recording and stimulation system. In addition, software methods will be developed for automatic calibration of these virtual electrodes, to detect stimulation/recording hotspots and adjust the virtual electrodes accordingly.

This talk will introduce the project concepts and give an update on some of the latest developments.  As part of this, we are seeking members to join our stake holders board from a manufacturing and commercial exploitation perspective so please get in touch.

Recording from WEARPLEX Webinar