Welcome to E-Textiles Network

The E-Textiles Network is an EPSRC funded activity to bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry interested in adding electronic functionality to textiles and their related products.

The E-Textiles Network is engaged in numerous activities to help promote the development of E-Textiles, find out more below:

E-Textiles Annual Conference

E-Textiles: International Conference on the Challenges, Opportunities, Innovations and Applications in E-Textiles is an annual conference which gives people from academia and industry the opportunity to discuss the exciting innovations and challenges in the rapidly emerging field of e-textiles.

Monthly Webinars

The E-Textiles Network hosts free monthly webinars on e-textiles related topics and are available to view on our website.

Previous webinars


As well as webinars, the E-Textiles Network has held two workshops on topics identified by the e-textiles community.

E-Textiles Network Database of Skills and Expertise

Our latest project is to develop a database of skills and expertise in e-textiles for E-Textiles Network members.  This database would then be searchable to help identify potential collaborators for specific projects.

The E-Textiles Network is free to join and members will receive a monthly newsletter as well as information on upcoming events.