Anura Fernando             Dr Anura Fernando

Lecturer in Knitting of Advanced Materials, University of Manchester




Anura Fernando is an Academic Researcher in the Department of Materials, the University of Manchester carrying out research in the areas of bio-sensors & smart textiles, manufacturing & characterisation of laminated and 3D printed composites & fibre based structures. His BSc and MSc studies are in the area of Mechanical engineering while his Ph.D. studies were in medical textiles, specifically on the use of 3D scanners for engineering and manufacturing of medical textile compression products. In addition to this, his research interests include multidisciplinary research involving synthesis of nano materials for sensing applications, their structural analysis, and use for the development of electro-textile sensors for engineering and medical fields.

Presentation Title:

  • Graphene coated sensor yarn for composite preforms

Presentation Summary:

  • There is extensive research to demonstrate that textile fibre reinforced composites are able to produce high strength and stiffness, at a low-weight allowing them to become excellent candidates for applications requiring improved strength and lighter structures compared to their metallic counterparts. Despite these impressive properties, textile composites are susceptible to damage that prevails from matrix cracking, delamination and finally damage to their reinforcing preforms. A failure of a composite part within a structure may contribute to irreversible damage and catastrophic destruction. The initiation and the progression of damage mechanism, within textile composites, is a complex phenomenon that is very difficult to predict; due to which, there is currently great effort in to incorporating multiphysical parameter sensing capabilities in to textile preforms. In this regard, the electroconductive sensing yarns produced through the coating with recently discovered 2D nanomaterials have emerged as a promising way of monitoring the health and integrity of various engineering materials including composites for healthcare, sportswear, fitness, space, and military applications. Among these sensor property imparting coating materials, graphene has become one of the most investigated of materials in the recent times. The research presented discusses some of the recent achievements in producing graphene coated sensing fibres for incorporation in to textile preforms.