E-Textiles Network Webinar – Combining Organic Electronics and Textiles in Health Monitoring

Presented by Dr Esma Ismailova, Mines de Saint-Etienne (MSE)

Dr Esma Ismailova, Associate Professor at Mines de Saint-Etienne (MSE) in France received her BSc. in Physics and obtained a Master’s degree in Polymer Science at Strasbourg University. She holds a PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Physics. Her research combines novel organic electronic materials with innovative micro-manufacturing processes and structures to develop sensors to interface with the human body. These devices are designed to allow multimodal health data collection, which is essential in advancing towards the next generation of personalized diagnostics and therapies.

In the last decade, there has been an increased use of organic electronics for biomedical applications. Bioelectronic devices made of conducting polymers show unique properties to interface with the human body and provide efficient physiological monitoring. Dr Ismailova’s work centres on the development of state-of-the art organic electronic devices on textiles to promote the wearability and democratization of health monitoring systems. Novel approaches are needed to evolve traditional microfabrication techniques to produce organic electronic textiles. The solution processability of conducting polymers offers excellent performances in health monitoring devices on textiles preserving their stretchability, breathability and yielding ubiquitous systems. The webinar will show examples of a “non-traditional“ micropatterning technique for cutaneous electrodes development on knitted textiles and traditional inkjet printing to directly design functional sensors on woven and non-woven fabrics.

This webinar took place on Friday 20th May 13.30pm (BST).