E-Textiles Network Webinar – Connectors and Joining Technologies for E-Textiles

Presented by Jessica Stanley, Nottingham Trent University

The field of E-Textiles has made significant advances in recent years, with smart garments starting to become commercially available, and the market for such products is predicted to grow significantly. A core challenge in the development of reliable and durable e-textiles is that of connectors and joining technologies, i.e. how to connect different parts of an e-textile circuit in a way that will last, but won’t compromise comfort and wearability. E-textiles are typically made from a combination of rigid and flexible or stretchable elements: rigid circuit boards or components, for example, connected to textile sensors or interconnects. To achieve these connections, joining technologies have mostly been adapted from the textile and electronics industries, rather than being developed specifically designed for e-textiles. This webinar will present a round-up of currently available e-textile connectors and joining technologies, covering options for fixed connections such as adhesives and soldering, and detachable options such as snap connectors.

This webinar took place on Friday 29th October 1.30pm (BST).