E-Textiles Network Webinar – E-Textile Handling: Should I Treat my E-Textile like a Normal Garment

Presented by Dr Abiodun Komolafe, University of Southampton

It is not uncommon for consumers to think of e-textiles in the same way they would think of traditional textiles. In fact, any showcasing or unveiling of e-textile prototypes and products is often greeted with questions centred around robustness – can I wash it, can I bend it? In this talk, I will discuss how researchers try to address these questions by using different materials and fabrication methods to close the gap between the limited durability of emerging e-textile products and the standard robustness of traditional textiles against practical stresses from everyday washing and bending.

This webinar took place on Friday 20th August 1.30 pm (BST).

E-Textiles Handling Presentation