E-Textiles Network Webinar – E-Textiles @ Southampton

Presented by Prof. Steve Beeby, University of Southampton

This talk summarises the e-textile research activities at the University of Southampton in the Centre for Flexible Electronics and E-Textiles (C-FLEET) and the Winchester School of Arts (WSA). C-FLEET research activities focus on electronics integration, materials and device research whilst the WSA has a strong textile and design background. The talk will provide an overview of research activities that tackle key e-textiles challenges such as manufacturing, reliability, supplying power and e-garment design. The webinar will give examples of the latest e-textile systems and technologies for a wide range of applications and demonstrate design principles for achieving inclusivity, sustainability and usability.

This webinar will take place on Friday 1st July 13.30pm (BST). To register please complete the registration form.